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The Michigan Man Podcast

Welcome To The Michigan Man Podcast - For Wolverine Fans From Coast To Coast

Aug 27, 2013

1) The View From Section 17 - Wolverines elect four Captains to lead Team 134.

2) Visitors Segment - Radio color analyst Brock Guttierez from The Central Michigan Sports Network joins me to preview the Chips.

3) Michigan Gameday 1 - Michigan great Greg Skrepenak talks about the young offensive line & Michigan Football.

4) Michigan Gameday 2 - Longtime Michigan color analyst Jim Branstatter with his CMU Preview.

5) Wolverine Quick Hits - Injury update. Opening day game facts!

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Thanks to Brock Guttierez, Greg Skrepenak, and Jim Branstatter for being my guests today. We'll be back next week to recap the opener, and then look ahead to Under The Lights At The Big House 2. Our scheduled guests are The Angel of The Big House, Michigan beat writer Angelique Chengelis from The Detroit News, and Lou Somogyi, Editor of the Notre Dame Magazine Blue & Gold Illustrated.

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