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The Michigan Man Podcast

Welcome To The Michigan Man Podcast - For Wolverine Fans From Coast To Coast

Feb 9, 2011

1) The View From Section 17: Coach Hoke rounds out his staff & New Recruiting Coordinator Jeff Hecklinski has a plan!

2) Guest Segment: Ace from The Wolverine Blog joins me this week to beak down Wolverine defensive committments.

3) Wolverine Quick Hits: The latest on Hoops & Hockey.

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Thanks to Ace for being our guest this week. Check out his blog at  Thanks Ace!

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Episode 55 was a good.

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ten and a half years ago

It was a very informative podcast. Had a few laugh as well.

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What is the Jeff Hecklinski's plan? Cant wait for Ace's aguesting thsi week!

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