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The Michigan Man Podcast

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Nov 25, 2015

Michigan Man Extra: In 1971 Michigan trailed Ohio State late in the game. With just minutes remaining, and Michigan down 7-3, the Wolverines drove to the Ohio State 21. From there we all remember Bob Ufer's call. Cipa rolls to the right, he pitches to Taylor. He's down to the 15, 10, 5, 4, touchdown Billy Taylor! Touchdown Billy Taylor! Michigan won that game 10 to 7 and clinched an outright Big 10 Championship. Not long after that iconic moment in Michigan Football history, life began spiraling out of control for Billy Taylor. His story is one of glory, failure, addiction, and faith. Dr. Billy Taylor "Got Back Up", and has made a difference in this world. He is my guest today.

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Join us tomorrow for our Visitors Edition. My guest will be longtime Buckeye beat writer Tim May from The Columbus Dispatch. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. GO BLUE!