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The Michigan Man Podcast

Welcome To The Michigan Man Podcast - For Wolverine Fans From Coast To Coast

Jul 10, 2018

1) News & Notes: Our tickets have arrived and the countdown to the ND opener is underway. 

2) Game Day: Michigan beat writer Cody Stavenhagen from The Athletic Detroit pays his first visit to the show.

3) In August we resume weekly programming the previews begin

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Jun 28, 2018

1) News & Notes: The class of 2019 is now top 5

2) Game Day: Sorry for the audio quality during the microphone went down. Steve sounded great, and as always was a great guest

3) Quick Hits: Coach B and his team off to Spain in August

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Jun 15, 2018

On this months Michigan Man Extra it's part two of my interview with Wolverine legend Billy Taylor

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Jun 6, 2018

1) News & Notes: Is Coach B tempted to make the move?

2) Game Day: Piston beat writer Rod Beard from The Detroit News says Coach B has done it all...except the NBA. Will he say? Or will he make the move to the NBA?

3) Quick Hits: Part two with Dr Billy Taylor coming up next week on our June Michigan Man Extra


May 23, 2018

1) News & Notes - Softball bows out of the NCAA tourney

2) Game Day - Steve Lorenz from 247 Sports joins for our May recruiting update

3) Quick Hits - Baseball needs to win the B10 tourney for any chance to make it to the post season

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