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The Michigan Man Podcast

Welcome To The Michigan Man Podcast - For Wolverine Fans From Coast To Coast

Jul 4, 2024

June was a very good month for Sherrone Moore and staff on the recruiting trail. Will July be even bigger? Joining me this week with his thoughts is the outstanding recruiting writer from The Wolverine ON3, EJ Holland

Jun 18, 2024

My guest this week is an optimist. Even though we aren't sure who will be under center this year he thinks a 10-2 record is a fair expectation. Joining me this week is one of the greatest running backs in Michigan Football history, Jamie Morris

May 30, 2024

We are almost 90 days away from the start of another season. Joining me to discuss all of the latest Michigan Football news is Isaiah Hole from USA Today WolverinesWire

Apr 26, 2024

Spring football concluded on Saturday now we wait for another season to get underway. Joining me with his thoughts on spring ball and the latest news from Rivals Maize & Blue Review is Josh Henschke

Apr 12, 2024

The class of 25 hasn't had a commit in almost 3 months. My guest today says don't worry, Sherrone Moore and staff are working their tails off and we should start seeing results in the summer months. With me this week is EJ Holland from The Wolverine ON3